This is a local effort by concerned citizens of Nolensville to stop the construction of a large car wash in the central shopping district of our town. Through our online petition and public awareness campaign, we are hoping to pressure the developers to back down and move their car wash elsewhere.

The proposed car wash will be a two-story, drive-through car wash with multiple external vacuuming bays located on Oldham Drive in the center of town.

Imagine the relentless roar of vacuum cleaners as your enjoy your Sonic milk shake on a warm summer evening. Imagine smelling pungent cleaning chemicals as you order your BBQ sandwich at Martin’s. Imagine the bright glow of powerful lights in the night sky as you  drive through town on your way home. Imagine navigating the slow, gnarled traffic as you pick up your children from childcare. Imagine Nolensville being known as “that town with the really big car wash.”

Is this your vision of small-town living in Tennessee’s best county? If not,

Sign the petition now!