A question of political ethics.

There exists an organization called the American Society for Public Administration which is the most prominent professional association for public administration in the U.S. and runs the Center for Accountability and Performance. Who is a public administrator? Everyone at Nolensville city hall!

According to the ASPA, elected officials are sworn to protect the health, safety and welfare of the town and it’s citizens, uphold/protect property values, work to ensure those officials are following the Vision Statement of the town (in Nolensville, to preserve and protect our small-town character), and to always work for the best interests of the town.

ASPA Code of Ethics adheres to eight principles, the following two being relevant to our concerns:

1) Advance the Public Interest – Promote the interests of the public and put service to the public above service to oneself.
6) Demonstrate Personal Integrity – Adhere to the highest standards of conduct to inspire public confidence and trust in public service.


If our public officials stand to gain from private development at the expense of of the town and public’s well being, are they adhering to these principles?

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One thought on “A question of political ethics.

  1. Aubrey Short, a Nolensville Resident says:

    Perhaps our District Attorney General Kim Helper should be asked to investigate certain happenings within our BOMA. Who made motions to allow a 15 ft. setback from Oldham Drive rather than the normal 60 ft. setback? Who asked for the setback? Are there more than two current aldermen involved in this car wash??? Are some of our elected representatives working for their profit, eh??? Is this in conflict with Code of Ethics? Questions need answers????


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